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Wonders of the Sea Cake Cancer Statue
Stargazing Summer Desserts Summer Concert
Concert Hall Aroma Stand Art of Smells
Party Table Picnic and Flowers Gold Fishing
Leo Statue Leo (tasks)

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Agapanthus Anthuriums


Begonies Bluebells Blue Irises
Blue Hydrangeas Blue Roses Blue Starius
Blue Tulips Boxheart Flower


Calla Lillies Camellias Candy Caneia
Candypuff Flower Carnations Champagne Tulips
Chocoberry Icreamias Choco Eggineums Choco Hophopitus
Chocoellius Chrysanthemums Cottoncandy Tree


Daffodils Dahlias Daisies
Damask Rose Diamondia


Fruit Popsicuses


Garden Cosmos Geraniums Gerberas


Hollyhocks Hophopitus Hyacinths


Iceland Poppies Irises (regular)

J & L

Jade Flowers Lotus (pink) Lythrums




Orange Dahlias Orange Hyacinths Orange Roses


Pansy Peacock Flowers Peruvian Lily
Petunia Pink Anthuriums Pink Bluebells
Pink Camellias Pink Garden Cosmos Pink Damask Rose
Pink Diamondia Pink Irises Pink Marigold
Pink Primroses Pink Water Lilies Pink Zephyrlilies
Poinsettias Primroses Pumpkinthemum
Purple Hollyhocks Purple Pansy Purple Roses
Purple Starius Purple Water Lilies


Rainbow Candy Caneia Rainbow Eggenium Red Bird of Paradise
Red Carnations Red Geraniums Rosy Petunias


Stargazer Lilies Star Shardias Sunflowers


Trumpet Vines


Water Poppies White Bluebells White Chrysanthemum
White Cypress Vines White Lotus White Pansies
White Stargazer Lily White Water Lilies


Yellow Calla Lily Yellow Hyacinths Yellow Hydrangeas
Yellow Trumpet Vines Yellow Tulips

Created June 8, 2013